NTrinsic™ Benefit Highlights
Provides sustained boost of physical performance and mental focus, without jitters
A healthier, better-for-you alternative to traditional energy drinks
All natural ingredients including natural caffeine. No preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or HFCS
Helps enhance well being and relieve stress thanks to antioxidants and adaptogens
Certified CarbonFree® -- carbon footprint associated with production and distribution is offset in partnership with Carbonfund.org
NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar Free were certified CarbonFree by the non-profit Carbonfund.org after a rigorous life cycle analysis conducted by The Edinburg Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM), a leading European carbon management consulting firm. This “cradle to point of sale” assessment showed that the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of a can of NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar Free create 0.23 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions. Monarch is working with Carbonfund.org to offset the carbon footprint of NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar Free by supporting a mix of energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects.
NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar Free are, along with 2 other Monarch Beverages brands, the first CarbonFree® certified energy drinks.
Defend Yourself
Infused with antioxidants and adaptogens, NTrinsic™ is the sure-fire, all-natural beverage formulated to optimize your mind and body’s performance. With no preservatives or artificial ingredients weighing you down, NTrinsic taps into and boosts your natural energy sources to help you take on the world. NTrinsic™ also enhances your body’s defenses, and is a vigilant ally in your war with stress. And now, we’ve partnered with Carbonfund.org, so when you drink NTrinsic, you’re not just invigorating yourself, you’re helping defend the environment too.
NTrinsic™ delivers complete and well-balanced energy through the winning trio:
Energy – nutrients, vitamins, herbal ingredients that boost mental and physical performance
Antioxidants – herbal ingredients, nutrients and vitamins that fight the damaging effects of free radicals on cells and boost the immune system
Adaptogens – vitamins and plant extracts that help ease physical and emotional stress
NTrinsic™ comes in all-natural and sugar-free versions for healthier energy and focus.
NTrinsic™ and NTrinsic™ Sugar Free are currently available in Black Pomegranate flavor.
NTrinsic™ - Ingredients - Nutrition Facts
NTrinsic™ Sugar Free - Ingredients - Nutrition Facts
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